About Us

Hello! We’re Nic and Chloe Vasquez and we met in Boulder, CO back in 2010. Nic was a photojournalism major at MSU in Denver and Chloe was a psychology major at CU Boulder. We got pregnant with our first child shortly after college, and our life plans got a little derailed. Nic went into the oilfield, working tirelessly for his family. Nic posse
sses a deeply creative side so there’s no surprise that after two kids and working full he needed more.
Badger Bean Supply Co. is named after our two children, Oliver the badger, and Penelope the bean!
As a family we work together to bring y’all quality products, made with love during our quality time together.
Our Promise
We may not be able to compete with big box pricing but we believe the quality of our product will fill the gap. We promise to offer your the best quality products at a competitive price point alway.
We live in crazy times and supplies are limited these days so please understand that there may be some price fluctuation but we will always try to adjust accordingly with every batch.
-The Vasqueelers